Beauty Buffet B Hi-Collagen Dietary Supplement Product


“Beauty Buffet B Hi-Collagen Dietary Supplement Product”

-Provides collagen tripeptide and dipeptide dietary supplement from the finest origin like japan with smaller particles than collagen peptide,so it is more effective in absorption than collagen
-Provides salmon nasal cartilage extract from Hokkaido island Japan.Apart from enhancing the effect of skin nourishing,it also helps nourish bones and joints and stimulates the production of cartilage to replace the deteriorated parts with age
-Not only nourishes skin like collagen products in the market,it also helps with nourishment of joints and bones
-Helps reduce wrinkles and promotes skin to be smooth and radiant
-Nourishes joints and reduces knee pain
-Maintains healthy hair and nails
-Can be mixed in beverages or food to add nutritional value

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