10 Thai makeup and beauty influencers that you should know

If you’re into beauty, skincare, and makeup, you need to be following these Thai beauty influencers.

Shedding different insights and perspectives on all things beauty, these influencers are taking over social media with their colourful and dynamic content. Entertaining and admiring by many, here’s our top list of Thai beauty influencers to follow.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Archita Station via Facebook]

Image Credit: Instagram @architasiri

Archi Archita

Archi Archita is currently the most followed Thai beauty blogger on Instagram. With amazing makeup skills, she can transform herself into a different person with countless makeup looks. Aside from running a youtube channel with tons and tons of followers, she also manages her own cosmetic brand called ‘ARCHITA’.

Image Credit: Instagram @dailycherie

Momay Napassorn

Momay Nappasorn’s makeup tutorials are perfect for beginners. Her pro-level skills at entertaining her followers and witty personality have garnered her tremendous attention. Not just for Thai followers, she does several makeup videos in English as well. 

Image Credit: Instagram @fahsarika

Fah Sarika

Fah Sarika has her own unique style that everyone admires. She keeps it simple and minimal when it comes to makeup, but she’s a real hipster when it comes to her fashion sense. Every outfit that she wears is a perfect mix and match, and she’s got the modelling skills to suit.

Image Credit: Instagram @nisamanee_nutt

Nutt Nisamanee

Nutt Nisamanee is well-known for her creative Youtube content. Her makeup transformations are what her followers always looks forward to, and her recent Statue of Liberty gained her a lot of attention. She changes and challenges the perception of makeup.

Image Credit: Instagram @nobluk

Nune Noppaluck

When it comes to beauty, Nune Noppaluck firmly believes that a little goes a long way. She even shows her followers that a good makeup look can come from using affordable beauty products. In addition to the makeup videos, she also posts food videos, just to switch things up.

Image Credit: Instagram @sononui

Nui Keira

Nui Keira is a must-follow for those who want to improve their Instagram game. She shares a bunch of tips and tricks for posing for Instagram photos, but also highlights the importance of a self-care routine and fitness for beauty.

Image Credit: Instagram @makeup_amy

Amy Kitiya

Amy Kitiya is one of our favourite cosmetic gurus. She always keeps her followers updated on anything new in the beauty market. Her YouTube content often compares various cosmetic brands, ranging from drugstore products to high-end products.

Image Credit: Instagram @mhunoiii

Sai Nantawan

Sai Nantawan is considered one of the first-generation Thai beauty influencers. Apart from a bright personality, most followers flock to her for her natural n0-makeup beauty looks. She’s also a cat lover, so expect to find a dose of cat cuteness on her channels.

Image Credit: Instagram @yamuyami

Yam Yumi

Yam Yumi is an ex-cabin crew and full-time traveller based in Dubai. Wherever she travels, she’s never seen with the same look. She recently launched her own activewear brand called ‘YAMMI FIT’ with an athleisure collection that celebrates all types of bodies. 

Image Credit: Instagram @Ndmikkiholic

Nook Pannaporn

Nook Pannaporn is a true Korea lover. From her makeup and outfit to her Instagram account which is full of Korea travel photos, there’s nothing that she doesn’t know about Korean style. Not only is she regularly sharing Korean makeup tutorials with her followers, but she also shares various skincare tips using Korean brands and a detailed review of getting plastic surgery in Korea. 

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